"For us to send 3,4 or 5 guys out to look for dirt is a costly and many time unrewarded effort.  We appreciate what you have become for us... our eyes and ears, constantly on the lookout for solutions to problems we don't even have yet. Your insight into the market's opportunities has allowed us to become more competitive and confident in our budding. Joe Dirt has taken jobs that would have been losers and turned them into winners for us."

David Carter, President

— Carter Construction Co.

"Your ability to provide us with cost effective solutions to both short term and long term projects has allowed us to provide savings to our clients. It is great to know that you are always looking for the answer, sometimes before we know we have an issue, or have the appropriate time to deal with it."

Chris McDonnell, Chief Estimator

— D.R. Mozeley

"I worked closely with you and the HOA board from the beginning to end and could not be more pleased with the level of service you offered us with our problem... a 65-acre lake filled with silt and covered by algae. W have 2,443 homes in our development, which translated to a huge number of sideline participants. We also had board and committee members as well as local officials who were driving by this project every day. Our management team had anticipated complaints about your work and resulting disturbances. Much to our delight, we never had one complaint from anybody about the cleanliness of the neighborhood or the streets.  There were no incidents to speak of. Your crew did a phenomenal job of keeping the site clean and our residents safe.  I have never before had the experience of working with a company that is so flexible and willing to go the extra mile the way you team did. I am 100% completely satisfied and would recommend you service to anybody."

Shannon McCowan, Property Manager

— Henkle Schueler & Associates

"The team you assembled did a great job quickly removing the muck from the pond and hauling it offsite.  Joe Dirt's efficiency helped keep this project on schedule.  Thanks fr a job well done!"

Chris Smith, Superintendent

— Elford Inc.

"The job conditions had changed and we were in between a rock and a hard place.  I was thinking that you would be a d day or two out considering the short notice, and when you told me you would be there within the hour, it made my day. My customer was extremely happy with our ability to adjust the changes and to complete their project on time. Not to mention, you were under what I had budgeted."

Chris Ruff, Project Manager